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PHP Constants

In PHP, constant is an identifier which holds a constant value. The value of constant cannot be changed while executing the script.


Constants are declared by using define() function.

define (name, value, case-insensitive)

Name and value are mandatory parameters. Whereas, case-insensitive is an optional parameter. Its default value is false.

Characteristics of constants

  • Constants do not require $ sign.
  • They start with an alphabet or underscore ( _ ) and contain alphanumeric characters
  • Constants are global and accessible in the entire script.
  • Constants cannot be re-assigned or undefined, once they are defined.
  • Constant names are conventionally defined in uppercase.

Valid and invalid constants identifiers

	// Valid constant names
	define("DATABASE", "Wordpress");
	define("DATABASE2", "Magento");
	define("DATABASE_SYMPHONY", "Symphony");

	// Invalid constant name
	define("3DATABASE", "Symphony");

	// Valid constant name, but do not suggest as PHP my use same name as magical constant in future, 
	// which may break your script.
	define("__DATABASE__", "Joomla");

	echo DATABASE . "<br>";
	echo DATABASE2 . "<br>";
	echo 3DATABASE . "<br>"; // This will generate an error
	echo __DATABASE__ . "<br>";

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const keyword

Alternatively, constant variable can be defined using const keyword.

	const KH_NAME  = "John";
	echo "My name is " . KH_NAME;

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constant () Function

It is used to retrieve the value of constant. It is helpful when you know the name of constant and want to retrieve its value.

	define("KH_NAME", "My name is John");
	echo constant("KH_NAME");

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get_defined_constants() function

It will return the array of constants name and their values. It include the default constants as well as user defined constants.

	define("KH_DATABASE", "Wordpress");
	define("KH_USER", "John");
	const KH_PASSWORD = "password";

	echo "<pre>";
	echo "</pre>";

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